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*****The international fleet review******

Our country went through an important event of ‘Republic Day’   recently on 26th January and displayed it’s power to the world, first time an international band participated in the Republic Day parade , tanks ran on the ground, and aircrafts conquered the sky, and India showed its power on land and in the sky and now the third main element of earth have its way thewater , soon india would be showing its power in the waters of the Indian Ocean, near the Vishakhapatnam port, together with other countries/nations, friends here are some points about the event hope you like reading them…….

  • The review aims at assuring the country of the Indian Navy’s preparedness, high morale and discipline. The International Fleet Review is being held after a gap of almost one-and-a-half decade. The first IFR was held in 2001 at Mumbai.
  • 46 countries have currently confirmed their participation. The Navy expects the number to cross 50. The visiting navies will have an opportunity to display their professional skills as they sail together for exercises to increase mutual cooperation and inter-operability.
  • The Honourable President of India will review the International Fleet, comprising over 75 frontline ships and submarines off Visakhapatnam on 06 Feb 2016. The Review Anchorage would have an awe inspiring combination of Naval Warships from Indian Navy as well as frontline Navies from across the globe. In addition, the ships of the Indian Coast Guard and Mercantile Marine would be participating.
  • After a 21-gun salute and the ceremonial Guard of Honour the President will embark the Presidential Yacht, distinguishable by the Ashoka emblem on her side and flying the President’s Standard on the Mast. The Presidential Yacht will weave through the 70 ships planned to be at anchorage off Visakhapatnam Port.
  • President Yacht passes between the review anchor columns, each ship dressed in full regalia, will salute the President. In this most formal of naval ceremonies, vessels from all countries are anchored in lines at the precise spot allotted to them. Each ship is manned by her ship’s company, dressed in white ceremonial uniforms
  • In a moment that stands still in time, white caps are doffed in unison in a grand salutation. The resounding sound of ‘Three Jais’ by the IN ships echoes over the waves symbolising the spirit of camaraderie and bonhomie across the seas.
  • witness operational demonstrations in the form of a breathtaking flypast by the naval air-arm and a daring display by the elite Marine Commandoes. The skills of the yachtsmen of Indian Navy embodying the spirit of adventure will also be on display. During the final stage of the review, a mobile column of warships and submarines will carry out a high speed steam past alongside the Presidential Yacht.
  • During theReview, the President will also review the Indian Naval Air Arm. A spectacular flypast led by Rear Admiral PK Bahl, Flag Officer Naval Aviation will be conducted as part of the static review of the Fleet. The flypast will comprise 15 formations of 45 aircraft including two formations from the Indian Coast Guard. This display will also showcase the latest acquisitions of the Indian Navy such as the carrier borne Strike fighter MIG 29K, Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft, P8I and the AEW helicopter KM-31.
  • The website and the mobile app IFR-16 Indian Navy which will serve as the single window interface for interaction with the public and the participants have been launched. The theme of the event is ‘United through Nations’ and the mascot is Dolphin.
  • Admiral Dhowan asserted that Navy wants to shape a positive maritime environment in the Indian Ocean Region. He also mentioned that how Navy’s efforts paved way for zero cases of piracy in the Arabian Sea last year. This facilitated the recent exclusion of the west coast from the piracy high risk area. The Chief said, this advancement would reduce the mounting cost of insurance of trade materials.
  • According to Navy, the exhibition will showcase “Innovation, Indigenisation and potential of the youth of India”. Participation by industry under the categories float, move and fight has been planned.

    So, will the indigenous submarine INS Arihant be a part of the review? Admiral Dhowan said, “INS Arihant is currently undergoing various trials, it is more important that the submarine gets ready first.” On those lines, it was also clarified that no foreign submarine has yet confirmed participation.

  • Indian Navy has time and again stressed on the need for self-reliance and in this regard the importance of indigenisation. In this regard, there will be a maritime exhibition at the IFR. The overall theme of the Maritime Exhibition is ” Make in India”.
  • The Chief of Naval Staff said that selection of Vizag as host city is in lines with ‘Look East Policy’. He also clarified that the Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the world. The depth of the Ocean will facilitate the whole event. Most importantly, citing proximity, he said that it will be easy for the seven surrounding littoral nations to send their fleet.